FLOWERS Team at InnoRobo

img_1641Last week a few members of the FLOWERS team packed their bags and robots and set off to attend the InnoRobo Innovation Robotic Summit which was held in Lyon between the 23rd and 25th March to showcase two of our robots: Acroban and FlowersFields.

InnoRobo was established as a chance for international players in the service robotics industry to meet and share new ideas about robotics and their future. There were over 100 robots exhibited of which 30 were shown for the first time in Europe.

Our newest version of FlowersFields proved quite a success. The flowers interactive modes were very well received, as volunteers to stand in front of the flowers and wave their arms around madly never ceased. Their improved motion and ascetic appearance did credit to the hard work the team put in before the exhibition.

Acroban was quite the celebrity and performed well in front of a continuous captive audience. We can only hope that popularity and fame has not gone to his head….

There was a very high quality of attendees with representatives from ALDEBARAN with their army of Nao robots; Gostai and their telepresence robots Jazz; and the ECCERobot, a result of collaboration between research centres and Robot Studio, which focuses on mimicking the human form. For the Flowers team it was a very valuable experience. Important contacts were made with both business and research.

InnoRobo was well covered, and our robots got a lot of publicity. For those who are interested in seeing our robots in the media, here are a few interesting links:

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