Flowers at Maths Land Competition

Flowers team was invited by CapSciences during the handing-over of the prize of Maths Land competition for students on May 29th in the science museum’s buildings during the Mathematics Week organized by the APMEP (the Association of the Mathematics professors of Public education / l’Association des Professeurs de Mathématiques de l’Enseignement Public).

With the team taking part in the development of the great exhibition CervoRama, it was the opportunity to expose the students to the research the team is conducting, to explain the what a job in academia entails, and to exchange around the various experiments presented.

During the workshop, the goal was to make them discover what innovation is, to stimulate their curiosity by making them meet researchers and to spark their imagination by asking them to find applications with technologies they just learned about. The students were “young reporters” with the mission to realize a report about innovation. For that, they could interview three researchers and engineers working on digital innovations. At the end of the interviews, they presented their vision of innovation in a video.

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