It’s our pleasure to announce that Poppy will be presented in the next IROS conference.
11:45-12:00, Paper MoAT9.4
Neuro Robotics
The associated paper mainly describes the conception of the Poppy’s legs.

” We introduce a novel humanoid robotic platform designed to jointly address three central goals of humanoid robotics: 1) study the role of morphology in biped locomotion; 2) study full-body compliant physical human-robot interaction; 3) be robust while easy and fast to duplicate to facilitate experimentation. The taken approach relies on functional modeling of certain aspects of human morphology, optimizing materials and geometry, as well as on the use of 3D printing techniques. In this article, we focus on the presentation of the design of specific morphological parts related to biped locomotion: the hip, the thigh, the limb mesh and the knee. We present initial experiments showing properties of the robot when walking with the physical guidance of a human.”Paper Abstract

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