New paper about the Poppy platform accepted for Humanoids2013

A new scientific paper has been accepted for the Humanoids 2013 Conference which will be held in Atlanta. Our work will be presented thursday the 17th October from 11:30 to 12:30 during the interactive session.

After the description of the design done in the previous paper, we decided to conduct experiments to evaluate the real effect of the thigh shape of Poppy for the biped locomotion. To do so, the current design of the leg is compare with a more classic approach involving straight thigh… Read more




It’s our pleasure to announce that Poppy will be presented in the next IROS conference.
11:45-12:00, Paper MoAT9.4
Neuro Robotics
The associated paper mainly describes the conception of the Poppy’s legs.

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3rd French German Workshop HLR 2011

The Acroban project was presented by Olivier LY at the French/German Workshop Humanoid & Legged Robots in Paris, the 14 & 15 february 2011.

The workshop was very interesting, a lot of impressive robots and controls were presented.

Because of their research subjects similar to ours, we particularly enjoyed the presentation of A.Seyfarth from the Lauflabor about how leg compliance shapes the way we moves. And the work of O.von Stryk from the SIM TU Darmstadt about compliant actuation and control of bio-inspired Humanoid Robot Motion.