New FlowersFields platform in progress…

The team is currently hard at work on a new hardware platform for the Flowers Fields experiment, and the lab is currently filled with drilling, cutting and filling noises.

The key feature of the new version is the Dynamixel RX-28 and RX-64 motors that now replace the previous AX-12 for improved robustness, smoothness and compliance.

Focus has been put on general robustness and on the integration of new sensors in order to develop a wider range of interactions with the lamps.

A brand new lamp shade color scheme also gives them  a refreshing look, already suggesting life and energy.

The new platform will be part of our exposition at the European INNOROBO summit, on the 23, 24 and 25 of March 2011 in Lyon, France. We are looking forward to meeting you there, and for the most impatient ones, here are some pictures of our work in progress.

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