New issue of IEEE CIS Newsletter on Autonomous Mental Development


It is our pleasure to announce you the release of the latest issue of the IEEE CIS Newsletter on Autonomous Mental Development, available at:
This issue of the newsletter presents a stimulating dialog exploring the frontiers of developmental and evolutionary robotics, within the so-called evo-devo approach which might become more and more central in our research in the future. Yaochu Jin and Yan Meng asked a question about the interaction between phylogeny, ontogeny and epigenesis, as well as about the interaction between morphological and mental development:
“Evolutionary Developmental Robotics – The Next Step to Go?”
Answers by Josh Bongard, Daniel Polani, Stéphane Doncieux, Fumiya Iida, Nicolas Bredeche, Jean-Marc Montanier, Simon Carrignon, and Gunnar Tufte show that we are just at the beginning of novel far-reaching conceptual and technological projects, exploring questions such as how development can be the articulation between evolution and learning or how new materials can allow us to explore growing bodies and their impact on cognitive development.
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