The Ergo-Robots

The Ergo-Robots Experiment

Artificial curiosity and language formation in robots

Exhibition “Mathematics: A Beautiful Elsewhere”
Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain

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In a big egg that has just opened, a tribe of young robotic creatures evolves and explores its environment, wreathed by a large zero that symbolizes the “origin.” Beyond their innate capabilities, they are outfitted with mechanisms that allow them to learn new skills and invent their own language. Endowed with artificial curiosity, they explore objects around them, as well as the effect their vocalizations produce on humans. Human, also curious to see what these creatures can do, react with their own gestures, creating a loop of interaction which progressively self-organizes into a new communication system established between man and ergo-robots.”Ergo-Robots: Artificial Curiosity and Language” is an installation and experiment presented in the exhibition “Mathematics: A Beautiful Elsewhere“, from 21st october 2011 to 18th march 2012, in Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris, France. Read more

New issue of IEEE CIS Newsletter on Autonomous Mental Development


It is our pleasure to announce you the release of the latest issue of the IEEE CIS Newsletter on Autonomous Mental Development, available at:
This issue of the newsletter presents a stimulating dialog exploring the frontiers of developmental and evolutionary robotics, within the so-called evo-devo approach which might become more and more central in our research in the future. Yaochu Jin and Yan Meng asked a question about the interaction between phylogeny, ontogeny and epigenesis, as well as about the interaction between morphological and mental development:
“Evolutionary Developmental Robotics – The Next Step to Go?”
Answers by Josh Bongard, Daniel Polani, Stéphane Doncieux, Fumiya Iida, Nicolas Bredeche, Jean-Marc Montanier, Simon Carrignon, and Gunnar Tufte show that we are just at the beginning of novel far-reaching conceptual and technological projects, exploring questions such as how development can be the articulation between evolution and learning or how new materials can allow us to explore growing bodies and their impact on cognitive development.

Robot life emerged at Fondation Cartier

fondationcartiermathematiquesafficheThe Flowers-Fields platform has evolved into a brand new robot species which is now pursuing its development among the exhibition Mathématiques – Un dépaysement soudain (Mathematics – A Beautiful elsewhere) at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. The platform is named Ergo-Robots for this exhibition, in relation to Micha Gromov’s Ergo-systems, whose collaboration with Pierre-Yves Oudeyer initiated the project. The robots have gained a new egg-shaped living environment and new faces, both designed by David Lynch and his team. We also have been working hard to design a new set of moods and behaviors that also deeply transformed the platform appearance. We strongly encourage those of you spending some time in Paris until March to come to Fondation Cartier, and have a look and the opportunity to interact with Ergo-Robot platform ! More information and pictures can be found on our website dedicated page and some nice video of the installation will soon be available… The Flowers team.



ICDL – EpiRob 2011


The first joint edition of the ICDL-EpiRob conferences just ended in Frankfurt. The conference itself was very exciting, and led to many stimulating discussions and exchange for those of us attending.

The Flowers team presented three papers:

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FLOWERS Team at InnoRobo

img_1641Last week a few members of the FLOWERS team packed their bags and robots and set off to attend the InnoRobo Innovation Robotic Summit which was held in Lyon between the 23rd and 25th March to showcase two of our robots: Acroban and FlowersFields.

InnoRobo was established as a chance for international players in the service robotics industry to meet and share new ideas about robotics and their future. There were over 100 robots exhibited of which 30 were shown for the first time in Europe.

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New FlowersFields platform in progress…

The team is currently hard at work on a new hardware platform for the Flowers Fields experiment, and the lab is currently filled with drilling, cutting and filling noises.

The key feature of the new version is the Dynamixel RX-28 and RX-64 motors that now replace the previous AX-12 for improved robustness, smoothness and compliance.

Focus has been put on general robustness and on the integration of new sensors in order to develop a wider range of interactions with the lamps.

A brand new lamp shade color scheme also gives them  a refreshing look, already suggesting life and energy.

The new platform will be part of our exposition at the European INNOROBO summit, on the 23, 24 and 25 of March 2011 in Lyon, France. We are looking forward to meeting you there, and for the most impatient ones, here are some pictures of our work in progress.


Flowers Team at INNOROBO


Flowers team is proud to announce its participation to the first INNO-ROBOT  summit on service robot innovation, which will happen in Lyon on 23, 24 and 25 of March 2011.

More information is available at http://www.innorobo.com/wordpress/ and http://www.innorobo.com/wordpress/inria-flowers.

We hope we will see you there !

Flowers Team


New FlowersFields video available !

In the coming decades, robots might arrive to our homes. What if, instead of humanoid servants, we saw traditional objects of the home become robots ? Lamps, flowers, sculptures, …, robots with a spark of life… Curious, aesthetic, social, stimulating our imagination.

Find more about our Flowers Fields installation, by watching  the video on our YouTube channel or on the team web site.


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